In our latest podcast, we delve into Lincolnshire Heritage as we talk to Charlotte from Heritage Lincolnshire and Charles a local aviation expert. 

This is a great episode for any lover of history, or Lincolnshire as a whole, as we discuss some fantastic well-known historical landmarks and hidden gems to visit across the county, and get to the bottom of Lincolnshire's love affair with planes!

Start planning your summer trips or simply sit back and enjoy as we debate the best Lincolnshire delicacies and some of the amazing homegrown talents that have come out of Lincolnshire. 

Lizi, Danny and Hanna discuss some elements of recent history they would like to bring back into the modern world while also discussing which period of time they would travel back too. 

Find out more about The Heritage Lincolnshire Trails discuss in the podcast here:

Find out all about Lincoln City Foundation at
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